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Koston Street Skateboard Complete

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KOSTON Street Skateboard Complete


Size: 32.125x8"x14.375" . Nose: 6.875", tail: 6.625"

Material: 7 ply 100% Canadian Mapleskateboard deck.

Weight: 1.10-1.25kgs per pc 

Technology:  constant temperature  oil hot pressed

Graphics: we can heat transfer print  customized  graphics on the decks.



Material:   ASTM356 --T6 Gravity casting

Model Number: 5.0" or 5.25" or 5.5"

Surface finish:  polishing, painting. Powder coating , electroplating

PU bushing:  Hardness 95A.



1. 608RS Pro skateboard bearings

2. Fast, Long Lasting, Easy cleaning

3. Rubber shield, nylon ball cage

4. Lubricated with Speed Cream



Material: DuPont MDI high rebound polyurethane.

Size:  50x30mm, 52x30mm, 52x32mm, 53x32mm

Hardness: 90A, 95A, 100A, 102A

Rebound:  70%-80%



high quality skateboard grip tape.

Material: environmental PVC substrate, silicon carbide.