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Paris Trucks 180mm 43º White

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One quantity is a pair (2) of trucks*

The Paris 180mm 43 Trucks are ideal for any downhill and freeride applications. They combine perfect turning and balance yet maintain a solid and stable ride. The 43s are part beauty, part BEAST!

Able to handle anything and everything you can throw at them the 180mm hanger is the perfect go-to size for most decks and compliments all riding styles. The open, unrestrictive bushing seat provides a full tilt, turn that’s perfect for a smooth, carvy setup, paired with the 43 baseplate, you’ll be ready for anything. The 43’s come stock with a flat washer and Paris 90a barrel/barrel bushings which give added support and stability right out of the box.

You should ride Paris 180mm 43 Trucks if…
– You want more stability
– You’re riding a board around 9-10" wide

356.2 virgin aluminum gravity molded
Secondary heat treatment for added strength & durability
Grade 8 steel axles and branded kingpins
Paris urethane bushings for ultimate response & rebound
6-hole baseplate
Available in multiple colorways
Guaranteed for Life