Rocket Meteor Downhill Deck

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Rocket Meteor Downhill Deck


The Meteor is a symmetrical downhill and freeride board with that certain something. The combination of drop, rocker, and a subtle rise in the center forms our signature “DRocker” double spoon concave, which surrounds both feet.

Beginners immediately feel comfortable and locked in. The spoon concave prevents your feet from slipping while sliding. You know blindly at all times where you are on the board. But the meteor is not only suitable for beginners. It also offers great performance for advanced riders.

Additional Information


34.64” / 88 cm


9.84” / 25 cm


25.6” – 26.8” / 65 – 68 cm


0.59” / 15 cm


0.39” drop + 0.39” rocker + 0.12″ rise / 10 mm drop + 10 mm rocker + 3 mm rise


SFI-certified Canadian maple, Carbon fiber, Embossed ABS topsheet