Rocket Mini Hades Freeride / Downhill Deck

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Rocket Mini Hades Freeride / Downhill Deck


The mini Hades is a modern race board and the ultimate grip machine. It combines all the features of its big brother in a very compact form: An asymmetrical rocker, wheel flares and a w-concave in the back. The flattish part of the rocker in the front guarantees a good stand. The steeper part in the back feels like a race tail or torque block. Together with the mellow w-concave it creates the perfect pocket for the rider’s foot during the tuck.

A shorter platform and two flush cuts allow standing very close to the trucks. Hence this board should be your choice if you’re looking for some extra grip – be it technical downhill, garage or slalom. We designed it around narrow split angle trucks like Don’t Trip DH Cybins, Slalom Rogues or Skoa M.Specs but it can also be set up with narrow cast trucks or even normal slalom trucks. Several wheelbase options help fine-tuning the board for maximum grip.

Our proven maple / carbon construction makes this board ultra stiff and extremely durable and long-lasting.

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31.1” / 79 cm


9” / 23 cm


22” – 23.2” / 56 – 59 cm


0.43” – 0.67” / 11 – 17 mm


0.59” / 15 mm


SFI-certified Canadian maple, Carbon fiber, Embossed ABS topsheet