Rocket Mini Scout Cruiser Deck + Free Griptape! 😎

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Rocket Mini Scout Cruiser Deck


The Mini Scout isn’t just a standard mini-cruiser or a toy. It’s a smaller version of a real board. The board combines the size of a mini-cruiser with the full-size kicktail of a skateboard and the comfort of a longboard. The maple/flax fiber construction makes it light, durable, and smooth.

It features a tub concave and our Comfortail; a short convex part in the tail that ergonomically adapts to your foot makes it super comfortable to stand on and prevents the foot from slipping.

The drill holes are specially arranged so that they offer old-school and two new-school mounting options. This means that tkp trucks work as well as rkp’s. And don’t worry about wheel bite. Thanks to the big wheel wells there’s enough room for large wheels.

If you’re looking for an everyday companion but the Classic Scout is too big? Go get yourself a Mini!

Additional Information


28.6” / 72.8 cm


8.4” / 21.4 cm


15” – 15.7” / 38 – 40 cm


0.43″ / 11 mm


SFI-certified Canadian maple, Natural flax fiber, Embossed ABS topsheet

Free Griptape !

* the is a little scratch on the top of the deck as it's shown in the photo.