Rocket Roton Downhill Deck

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Rocket Roton Downhill Deck


The Roton is a modern single kick freeride board. It was developed together with our team rider Brian Scott Adkins. Thanks to the deep rocker and the wheel well flares it gives you a great hold for stand-up slides. The 3D kick begs for some tricks and manuals.

The fact that the rocker only runs between the trucks gives an additional reference point. The flush cuts allow you to stand very close to the trucks and thus have more control. For a little more freedom, we have deliberately built the Roton without a W-concave.

2019. The new single kick shape and a shorter wheel base make it an outstanding freeride board.

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35.6” / 90.5 cm


9.45” / 24 cm


23.6” – 24.8” / 60 – 63 cm


0.47” – 0.63” / 12 – 16 mm


0.59” / 15 mm


SFI-certified Canadian maple, Carbon fiber, Embossed ABS topsheet