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Surfskate by Special Boards Limited Edition 😎

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Surfskate by Special Boards

in Cooperation with Skate Planet Thailand ( Big Wave ) ©


-Size: (78 cm x 25 cm)
-60mm Shark Wheels

CORE RKP 150mm trucks,

Waterborne surf-adaptor

-Perfect concave to make aggressive turns

This board is created with die-hard surfers in mind. It is handcrafted using the best wood
combination, Zebrano and wenge, which makes its durability second to none.

Put a surf adapter on and feel the waves below your feet or go with the more conservative classic
trucks when you don’t have the time for concrete surfing.

Especially with Shark Wheels, which enable you to surf styled slides in a more controllable
way, the experience closely resembles the joy of catching a great wave.