"Unlimited" E Board Cruiser Kit - Pre Order only!

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THE RIDE Cruiser Edition:

Made in the USA

Push to start: Must be going at least 2 km/h to engage motors (for safety).
Regenerative braking
Intuitive remote user interface
Ride modes: 3 selectable ride modes (Snail, Eco, Pro) for beginner to advanced riders.
User-tunable app: Dial in the performance to your exact preferences (acceleration, deceleration, and maximum speed) with our app. Select user mode.
Cruise: Press and hold A to set cruise control at your current speed. Release A to deactivate.
Nitro: Press and hold B at full throttle for an extra boost of speed.

Go Further. Way Further.

The Unlimited Cruiser Kit is the most efficient version of the Unlimited range. Still small and light but with twice the range. Works great on any board and upgrades easily to a Race kit if you want even more speed and torque.

One Motor. Two Batteries.
Fits nearly any truck and deck.
Works great on any size skateboard.
Four riding modes.
User-tunable settings for speed, acceleration and braking.
Airline friendly.
Top-shelf components including a custom designed motor, carbon plate and Orangatang Wheels.

37 kph, 21 km, 3 kg, 9 Degrees Uphill

Price only for the Motor Kit.

(Deck, Trucks and Wheels must be ordered extra)

For your Pre Order please contact us, thank you. ☺